Date of Graduation

Spring 2013


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture


College of Agriculture

Committee Chair

Gary Webb


horse, exercise physiology, Missouri Fox Trotters, Quarter horses, physiological measurements, standardized exercise test

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The objective of this research was to compare the physiological measurements of the Missouri Fox Trotter (MFT) and the Quarter horses (QH) while they were performing a standardized trail ride test. Twelve MFT (485 +- 30 kg) and twelve QH (518 +- 48 kg) were subjected to a 40 min standardized trail ride test (STRT) which consisted of 5 min in an arena followed by 35 min through wooded and open areas covering a distance of 4645m. Horses were tested in groups of four with two of each breed per group and two groups per d on three separate d (9/21, 9/28, 10/11, 2012). Speed traveled during the STRT was set by the MFT and ranged from 2.09 m/s to 2.48 m/s. At 5 and 15 min during the STRT, heart rate (HR) of MFT were greater (P<0.05) than QH. Horses carrying a higher percent of their body weight exhibited higher HR at 5 and 10 min post exercise (P<0.01) and respiration rate (RR) at 60 min post-exercise (P<0.05). At 1 min post STRT, rectal temperature (RT) was not different between breeds however the percent carrying did influence RT (P<0.01). The RT of MFT was higher (P<0.04) than QH at 30 min post exercise. Temperature and relative humidity, increased skin temperatures post exercise (P<0.05) with the exception of the inner gaskin temperature at 10 min post STRT (P<0.1). In conclusion, MFT had a greater response to the STRT than the QH.


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