Date of Graduation

Fall 2012


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Daniel Beckman


smallmouth bass, radio telemetry, diel movement, habitat selection, seasonal movement, Current River

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We used radio telemetry to monitor the 24-h diel movement patterns of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) in a section of the Current River, Missouri through three seasons: summer, winter and fall. Observations were made every two hours throughout a 24-h day for each season. Habitat data and depth were collected at each fish location and four random points were created at each site to determine viable habitat availability to smallmouth bass. The data determined to be the best choice model were the combination of depth and all habitat types. Using the heaviest weighted model and the odds ratio, we were able to ascertain habitat usage variations over the seasons of summer, fall and winter for smallmouth bass. Depth did not have a large influence on movement of smallmouth bass but displacement did increase slightly with fish length. Smallmouth bass movement indicated more movement during the fall and winter seasons, with crepuscular tendencies, while summer had limited movement. In the summer, smallmouth bass used open water while in the fall, they selected logs and boulders. In the winter smallmouth bass were more likely to select for boulder habitat. This study illustrates smallmouth bass actively select different cover types depending on season.


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