Thesis Title

Sniffles, Immigration, and Lunch: New Security Threats

Date of Graduation

Spring 2007


Master of Public Administration


Political Science

Committee Chair

Dennis Hickey


globalization, new security, pandemic, avian flu, SARS, tuberculosis, Minute Men, immigration, food supply, biofuels, water supply

Subject Categories

Public Administration


The purpose of this study is to examine new security threats that have resulted from a globalized world. The study focuses on global pandemic, citizen's response to illegal immigration, and the shrinking global food supply. Global pandemic proved itself more dangerous today that any previous point in history. This was mostly due to the advent of modern transportation and its ability to move large amounts of people in a very little time. The citizen's response to immigration focused on the Minute Men groups along the US/Mexican border. This study finds that although many believe this group to be a threat to legal and illegal immigrants, as well as US citizens, they are in fact no different than a neighborhood watch program. The final area of study, the shrinking global food supply found that the development of biofuels and the mismanagement of the global water supply have lead to a world grain reserve that is at a dangerous all time low. The study concludes with several, layered, policy recommendations to deal with these new threats proactively, actively, and reactively.


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