Victor Sheets

Date of Graduation

Spring 2008


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Sarah Nixon


The purpose of this mixed design research study was to investigate the attitudes of a group of seventh grade male students toward technology-enhanced reading instruction. A sample of 118 participants was chosen from a district's seventh grade population based on three criteria: male gender, reading at or below grade level as indicated by a standardized reading assessment, and receiving no special education services in reading. The ten week study took place at a junior high with an enrollment slightly over 800 in a bedroom community. Participants were exposed to technological enhancements to reading instruction, such as data projection, interactive whiteboard, software, and other multimedia. Opportunities to utilize various technological tools and learning activities were integrated into daily classroom experiences. Quantitative data consisted of surveys gauging attitudes toward the technology-enhanced instruction. Qualitative data consisted of interviews, observations, and artifacts. Data were analyzed to determine overriding themes in participants' attitudes toward technology-enhanced reading instruction and the reasons for those attitudes as perceived by the participants. Findings indicated a largely positive attitude toward technology-enhanced reading instruction; 92.11% of participants indicated a preference for technology-enhanced reading instruction over instruction that involved more traditional tools. Strong themes included enjoyment, improved logistics, match with learning style, and increased authenticity of the learning experience.


adolescent, males, reading, technology, attitudes

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