Date of Graduation

Summer 2008


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Wayne Blackmon


fiction, short story, creative writing, short fiction, minimalism

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English Language and Literature


The following collection is a compilation of seven works of short fiction, written to achieve the contradiction of a simplified narrative, as defined by Willa Cather, communicating great subtlety, complexity, and meaning. These stories are each unique yet connected in terms of narrative approach. A critical introduction precedes the collection, in which the author examines these connections. These include a discussion of minimalist or simplified narration, an exploration of feminine culture, the stories' California settings in terms of Richard Summers' notion of "atmosphere” as articulated in Craft of the Short Story, and the reader's needs in conflict with the notion of theme/meaning (utilizing Wayne C. Booth's observations on the topic) applied to the concept of sentimentality. This collection was crafted through a series of drafting in a variety of creative forums, including undergraduate and community workshops and close collaboration in the graduate creative writing project. One of the stories, "Lovely Sand,” was accepted for publication in the Fall 2005 issue of The MacGuffin Literary Journal. This collection is meant to engage readers with impressions of life drawn with the author's distinct voice, crafted with care, attention, and knowledge built through intensive study of and passion for the short fiction genre and narrative craft.


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