Shaley Moore

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Spring 2016


Master of Arts in Communication



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Melissa Maier


Research demonstrates that roommate conflict can lead to lasting physical, mental, and behavioral problems including anxiety, depression, or academic burnout (Dusselier, Dunn, Wang, Shalley, & Whalen, 2005). This research explores roommate conflict through Dillard's (1990) Goals-Plans-Action (GPA) model, specifically examining conflict mangement through text messages. Additionally, this research examines the goals, tactic plans, and action behaviors roommates use in conflict. Understanding how roommates manage conflict through text-messaging provides insight into the role that computer mediated communication (CMC) plays in interpersonal conflict and how roommates achieve personal goals through CMC. Qualitative data were collected through eight one-on-one interviews guided by participant text messages revealed that identity goals were at the forefront of roommate conflict through text messaging. Additionally, roommates who engage in conflict via text engage in the GPA process in very specific and unique ways. Roommates in conflict also choose texting as their method of communication to best achieve and manage their goals. This study contributes to the existing GPA, roommate conflict, and interpersonal CMC research.


goals-plans-action theory, roommates, interpersonal conflict, computer mediated communication, text-messaging

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