Date of Graduation

Fall 2016


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Jennifer Murvin


The importance of memory to place is of particular interest to me and forms the basis for the bulk of my work. In my critical introduction I explore the work of authors and essayists who inspire my fiction work through their focus on place and memory. Specific authors include Sandra Cisneros, David Sedaris, and Pam Houston. Through my short fiction pieces I weave together the stories of my childhood from Florida to Missouri into a quilt that covers the important pieces of my life thus far. I am interested in how people are motivated by fear to write around their personal narratives and seek to understand how writers are able to conquer those fears through their writing. Through characters based in memory and those crafted from the history and folklore of the places I've called home I present a collection of fiction through the scope of a person without an attachment to any one place in particular, but to a handful of places that she calls home.


fiction, creative nonfiction, place, memory, Florida, Missouri

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English Language and Literature


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