Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Science in Mathematics



Committee Chair

Songfeng Zheng


Support Vector Machine; Multi-class Classification; Linear Model; Non-Linear Classifier; Kernel Function

Subject Categories

Computational Engineering | Robotics


Support Vector Machine(SVM) is a widely-used tool for pattern classification problems. The main idea behind SVM is to separate two different groups with a hyperplane which makes the margin of these two groups maximized. It doesn't require any knowledge about the object we are focused on, since it can catch the features automatically. The idea of SVM can be easily generalized to nonlinear model by a mapping from the original space to a high-dimensional feature space, and they construct a max-margin linear classifier in the high dimensional feature space.

This thesis will investigate the basic idea of SVM and apply its application to multiclass case, that is, one vs. all and one vs. one strategies. As an application, we will apply the scheme to the problem of handwritten digital recognition. We show the difference of performance between linear and non linear technology, in terms of confusing matrix and running time.


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