Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management



Committee Chair

Melinda Novik


stress, coaches, college, athletics, professional

Subject Categories

Health and Physical Education | Other Mental and Social Health | Sports Studies


Due to the particular nature of collegiate sport coaching, that is, the need to secure victories at all costs in order to ensure job security, collegiate sport coaches are a population that are likely to experience high levels of personal and professional stress. Previous research has indicated that coaches at all levels of competition, experience degrees and levels of stress similar to those experienced by individuals in other high stress professions, including police officers, medical professionals, and teachers. Furthermore, research has indicated that high levels of stress are positively correlated with decreased work performance. For this research, 45 Missouri State University sport coaches, including all full-time paid Head, Associate Head, and Assistant Coaches from all varsity sports, were invited to participate in an online survey designed to measure levels of professional stress. Of the 45, 19 responded. Results are as follows: male coaches (n=13) exhibited higher levels of professional stress (130.07±8.61) than did female coaches (n=6) (124.83±11.58). An independent t-test (p=0.05) indicated that there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups (p=0.238).


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