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You Are What You Write

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Spring 2018


Master of Arts in English



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Wayne Blackmon


This creative thesis consists of six short stories with different lengths and styles. For the introduction, I discuss how my work is influenced by various aspects of cultural background, with examples including writers from Zitkala-Ša and Richard Wright to Celeste Ng. Cultural background is the key to understand most of the characters in the different stories. After the critical introduction, readers will have a general idea of my stories with a sense of how the relationship between different groups of people shape them to act and live under the influence of their cultural backgrounds and environment they were brought up in. Each story has its own focus on different types of relationships. I use those stories to make an effort to discuss people’s actions and reactions in life when they encounter various people in their life and how they react due to their personalities and backgrounds.


short story, fiction, cultural background, relationship, personal life, diversity

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