Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Brooke Whisenhunt


mental health, college counseling center, screening, graduate training, online screening

Subject Categories

Clinical Psychology


Objectives: A universal mental health screening program for undergraduate students was implemented using graduate student clinicians and online interviewing tools. Participants: Participants included 455 undergraduate students at a large Midwestern University enrolled in introductory psychology. Methods: Participants in the experimental group first completed an in-class self-report mental health screening questionnaire. Based on subscale elevations, students scoring in an “at risk” range on any subscale were invited to participate in individual online follow-up interviews to assess risk level and provide referral information. Results: Results demonstrated that a majority of undergraduate students scored in an at-risk range on at least one subscale on a mental health screening questionnaire, and follow-up interviews were successfully conducted for 40% of students with elevations. Perceptions of campus mental health priorities improved over a three-month period from the time of the initial screening. Conclusions: Universal campus mental health screening was successfully implemented using graduate student clinicians resulting in a large number of referrals for mental health treatment and improved perceptions of mental health treatment on campus.


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