Thesis Title

Fortune Glen

Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Michael Czyzniejewski


young adult, fantasy, mystery, female protagonist, foster care

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A fairy may not be able to lie, but that doesn’t mean they’re always honest. Marine’s former classmate is dead—and this isn’t your typical 48-hour mystery. The crime scene is Fortune Glen, a realm populated by fairies who take great pride in their unique abilities, their inability to tell lies, and their peaceful behavior. Well, until now.

Marine is the only one who knows about this murder, and she plans to keep it that way— at least until she’s figured out who’s behind this travesty. When Marine is assigned a mission in the human realm, she does the unthinkable and materializes in front of a real-live human to ask for assistance in solving this crime. (After all, humans murder each other all the time, right?) This human turns out being the bubbly-yet-jaded teenager, Farrah Minds. Farrah has just been placed under the wealthy care of heiress Genevieve Glessner, and is having a hard time hitting it off with her stuck-up foster sister, Alice.

Though Farrah is more than hesitant when it comes to working with a supposedly-mythical creature, Marine makes her a deal: If Farrah will help Marine solve the murder of Fortune Glen, then Marine will return the favor and heal the disfiguring burns covering eighty-percent of Farrah’s body—the very scars that remind Farrah why she’s been forced into the foster care system in the first place.


© Breea N. Schutt

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