Date of Graduation

Summer 2018


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture


College of Agriculture

Committee Chair

Arbindra Rimal


residential water consumption, water usage, regression analysis, Hedonic price model, water resource allocation

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The study is to examine the objective house factors impacting residential water consumption, to explain how each factor influences water bill in a household, as well as to call attention to use residential water resource more wisely. The results are based on regression data analysis. The Hedonic price model analyzes relations between marginal residential water bill and five independent variables, including: acres, building age, living area, home value, and a south Springfield designation. This study uses data from local households in Springfield, Missouri. Findings can be used in formulating policies related to urban water usage. City Utilities could use the findings from the study as a guide to adjust residential water price with the help of localized data results. The final purpose of this study is to suggest Springfield, Missouri, residential water allocation and pricing policy adjustment. Therefore, residential water resource could be saved and used in a more efficient way.


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