Thesis Title

Tree Song

Date of Graduation

Fall 2018


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Wayne Blackmon


young adult, epic high-fantasy, coming of age, female protagonist, identity

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The Grace that flows through the three realms is fractured, and it’s Mauhiyn’s fault. She is a Daughter, the only living and direct descendant of the line of women who are vessels for the Grace that sustains the realms in a state of perfect balance. Because Mauhiyn is the first Daughter unable to carry the Grace, she is blamed for the turmoil and darkness in the realms. King Darbrend of the western realm claims Mauhiyn’s Grace is simply dormant, not absent. Mauhiyn is sent to King Darbrend with the hopes that his dark power will restore the Grace within her and heal the realms. But his secret intent to destroy the Grace entirely puts Mauhiyn in more danger than she’s ever faced. Mauhiyn must find a way around what is expected of her, what is being forced upon her, and who she is to right the unbalance and protect the Grace from destruction. Through her suffering, Mauhiyn discovers that what was meant to break her, will set her free and bring restoration to the realms.


© Amie Elizabeth Case

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