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Fall 2018


Master of Science in Early Childhood and Family Development


Early Childhood and Family Development

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Sascha Mowrey


teacher–student relationships, friendship, academic achievement, reading achievement, writing achievement, elementary school

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The purpose of this correlational study is to assess the extent to which teacher–student relationships, children’s friendship, writing scores and reading scores are related to one another among young children. Understanding the correlations between these variables could further assist teachers and students when working towards successful school experiences. Measures used with kindergarten and first grade teachers and students (n=83) include the validated short form of the Student–Teacher Relationship Scale, a whole group oral survey adapted from the Friendship Features Interview for Young Children, and reading and writing scores. Relationship areas studied include teacher–student closeness and conflict, as well as friendship aid, conflict and satisfaction. There was a non-significant correlation of .22 (p=.052) between reading and teacher–student closeness, but reading and teacher–student conflict were significantly correlated, r=-.30, p=.006. Writing and teacher–student closeness were significantly correlated at .36 (p.05). Neither were writing and friendship aid (r=.11, p>.3). However, writing was significantly correlated to both friendship conflict (r=-.37, p


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