Date of Graduation

Spring 2019


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Marcus Cafagna


poetry, poetic, international, inspiration, admiration, human relationships

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


Poetry writing is a valuable treasure of literacy. As an international student from China, I created this poetry collection as an illustration of my own understanding, internalization, and admiration of poetic expression in English between American and Chinese cultures. This cultural collusion mainly focuses on human relationships, especially romantic relationships and family love, as well as personal emotions, and the meaning of life. In order to do that, I returned to the work of classic Chinese poets, especially Su Shi, whose work is the basis for my sense of poetry. His poetic style of rhyming and creating images rooted in nature that still reveal much about human life influenced me heavily. In addition to Su’s poetry, the critical analysis shown by the renowned contemporary Chinese translator Yuanchong Xu’s cornucopia poem and other writings greatly helped my understanding of structure and technique as well as beauty. Finally, the most recent influence on my own poetry is the critical writing of James Longenbach, whose theory lends insight into American culture as it pertains to poetry. This critical introduction emphasizes the influence and inspiration gained from both American and Chinese poets and in doing so, gives insight into the poems.


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