Thesis Title

Fire to Vellum

Date of Graduation

Spring 2019


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Wayne Blackmon


historical fiction, magical realism, Old English, dark ages, Kent, prophecy

Subject Categories

Literature in English, North America


Oswic’s simple life changed the day his mother died from poison. After finding a strange cache of trinkets and books in the loft of the barn, he begins to question everything and everyone he has known, including reality. Forced from his land and his home, Oswic takes his plough horse, the few fragments of truth from his life, and leaves Hægelfirth in search of the one person he believes can tell him of his past, the storyteller. But, it won’t be his past he needs to worry about when he starts to slip in and out of reality; seeing the future in strange visions. Believing he is witnessing the effects of the old gods’ magic on the world, Oswic sets off on a quest to destroy every piece of magical writing that exists in England. Will he succeed?


© Jessica L. Warren

Open Access