Date of Graduation

Fall 2020


Master of Music



Committee Chair

Daniel Hellman


technology, music education, general music, professional development, accessibility, national standards, integration, attitudes, student engagement, COVID-19

Subject Categories

Music Education


Technology is constantly evolving in the classroom, and some educators choose to embrace that technology more than others. This study investigates the uses and motivations of educators who integrate technology frequently in their K-8 general music classrooms in Missouri. Three music educators were identified with 10 years of experience who had established reputations for teaching with technology effectively. A single semi-structured interview with each participant was used to explore the participant’s motivations and beliefs and the specific technology applications that were frequently used in their classrooms. The analysis of the interviews revealed that the participants believed that integrating technology motivated a broad spectrum of students and engaged them in relevant content for their lives outside of the school building. Participants also indicated that a variety of software, applications and web tools were used for listening/watching, assessing/responding, and creating/performing. The results were consistent with existing research on technology-related uses and motivations in music classes. Limitations of COVID-19 and time hindered a more meaningful analysis of self-efficacy and socialization by numerous interviews and observation of participants’ teaching methods, which is suggested for further research.


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