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Spring 2022


Master of Science in Agriculture


College of Agriculture

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Lacy Sukovaty


A comprehensive gastrointestinal parasite control program includes an understanding of common parasites, application of chemotherapeutic agents, as well as frequent and appropriate diagnostic testing. An effective control program is essential for facilities such as animal shelters, that deal with large populations of transient canines with unknown parasite exposure and deworming history. The identification of a sensitive flotation method to evaluate anthelmintic efficacy is critical in monitoring parasite populations for drug resistance. The objective of the current study was to compare three different fecal egg counting technologies and their ability to perform a fecal egg reduction test. The flotation techniques evaluated include a Modified McMasters, a Modified Wisconsin, and the Mini-FLOTAC. Canine fecal samples were obtained from Polk County Humane Society in Bolivar, MO. When possible, three samples were submitted for each canine: the first stool eliminated in the shelter, a sample 7 days after shelter deworming, and a sample 14 days after deworming. Each sample was divided into aliquots of 2 grams for each of the three different diagnostic techniques. Upon examination all ova detected were identified, counted, and the appropriate multiplication factor applied to yield an egg per gram (EPG) result. Where follow up samples were collected, the FEC results were used to preform reduction tests to determine percent ova reduction after anthelmintic treatment. One way ANOVA results determined that the three flotation methods were not different in mean EPG or EPG level for roundworms (p=0.284), whipworms(p=0.130), or coccidia(p=0.315). One way ANOVA found a difference between total Nematode EPG (p=0.002) and hookworm EPG (p=0.033), where the Mini-FLOTAC yielded a higher average EPG than the Modified McMasters or the Modified Wisconsin. No difference was found in FECRT between flotation methods.


fecal egg count, fecal egg count reduction test, Modifid McMasters, Modified Wisconsin, Mini-FLOTAC

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Agriculture | Animal Sciences | Life Sciences | Parasitology


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