Date of Graduation

Spring 2022


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Geography, Geology, and Planning


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

Kevin Mickus


Nixa, Missouri is located on the southwestern edge of the Ozark Dome which has a karst geomorphological environment. Near surface geophysical methods can be used in determining the location and nature of karst features such as caves and sinkholes. Electrical resistivity methods have been shown to be among the most useful methods in deciphering sinkholes and caves. To investigate a known cave and related sinkholes and faults within Mississippian carbonates south of Nixa, Missouri, a series of two-dimensional electrical resistivity profiles were collected using the dipole-dipole and Schlumberger arrays. Terrain data was collected to include in modeling. The data were modeled using a robust two-dimensional inversion method where the inversion parameters were varied to determine the statistically most reasonable model. Using these methods new unexplored cave passages have been detected around the existing cave. The data collect has been used to estimate the location and dimensions of these new cave passages. These new cave passages were found to the northwest and northeast of the known cave passages.


karst, resistivity, sinkhole, geophysics, cave

Subject Categories

Geology | Geophysics and Seismology | Speleology


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