Thesis Title

Remembering Rose Macaulay: Exploring Dangerous Ages and the World My Wilderness

Date of Graduation

Summer 2000


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Linda Trinh-Moser

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


Rose Macaulay was a prominant war writer in Britain during her lifetime. Her writing over time, however, has been neglected and her voice is often forgotten among the many women writing between WWI and WWII. Her novels Dangerous Ages and The World My Wilderness reveal important information about women's struggle to obtain an identity outside of the home, in the work force, and in society in general, as well as key information regarding women's relationships with each other and with men. She also makes prominent her dissatisfaction with the state of civilization during and after the wars and the effects war renders on society as a whole. Ultimately, she cries out for a unity of women and men when embarking on creating new images for themselves within society and challenges the human race as a whole to look at the effects of war on civilization, asking essential questions that pertain to today. Macaulay belongs alongside her contemporaries because her work is timeless in subject and form.


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