Thesis Title

A Survey of Programs and Policies Addressing Elementary School Violence


Cindy Parker

Date of Graduation

Fall 2002


Master of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

Cynthia Wilson

Subject Categories

Elementary Education and Teaching


This study was conducted to determine what programs and/or policies were being employed by elementary schools in southwest Missouri to prevent bullying and violent incidents. A survey was mailed to 72 Kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school principals in the southwest Missouri region. A total of 29 (40%) of the surveys were returned. Most of the responding schools had an enrollment between 225 and 326 students. All of the responding schools reported they required visitors to sign in and carry passes, and provided students with a printed code of student conduct. All of the schools reported they provided some type of violence prevention curriculum for students. Inadequate teacher training in classroom management and inadequate alternative placement programs were cited as the most common limiting factors for preventing or reducing crime. Respondents reported a significant decrease in violent incidents after implementing violence prevention programs.


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