Thesis Title

Farm Planning For Wildlife Resource Enhancement

Date of Graduation

Spring 1988


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

David Castillon


The Windy Mountain Farm in Southwest Missouri was used as the study area for a general farm plan which included a wildlife management plan. The purpose was to determine if wildlife management could be incorporated into a productive total farm management program, then to develop a workable wildlife plan to fit into the farm management system. Three plans were developed for the farm, a Pasture/Hayland Plan, a Forestry Plan, and a Wildlife Plan. The Pasture/Hayland Plan and Forestry Plans were designed to add to, and up-grade production of the farm's agricultural resources. The Wildlife Plan used habitat characteristics as the basis for wildlife suitability. Using the Wildlife Habitat Appraisal Guide (WHAG) as the appraisal tool for existing and planned conditions of the farm, a wildlife plan was developed. The WHAG form also supports the contention that an increase in agricultural production will enhance wildlife habitat. Farm planning that includes wildlife habitat improvement on the Windy Mountain Farm does not jeopardize other farm goals or production. These planning methods could be valuable in farm planning where wildlife enhancement is considered as a resource goal.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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