Thesis Title

The Role and Implications of Ecological Planning in Making Land Use Decisions For the Busiek State Forest

Date of Graduation

Summer 1983


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

David Castillon


Busiek State Forest is a newly acquired property of the Missouri Department of Conservation. Many land use decisions concerning its future development must be made. These decisions cannot be made without some type of inventory, analysis, and synthesis of the physical environment within the Busiek State Forest. The ecological inventory will provide the basis of this study. The study was designed to accomplish two major goals. These goals were: (1) to provide communities and organizations and (2) to provide to the Missouri Department of Conservation a timely, economical, development plan for the Busiek State Forest. The ecological plan will provide to decisionmakers land suitability maps and planning recommendations, as derived from the physical variables, on which to make land use decisions. The primary physical variable used in this study is soils information and data. Development categories and the engineering properties of the soils dictate the location of specific land uses according to its intrinsic suitability.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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