Thesis Title

The Soviet Prosecution At Nuremberg and Its Relation to Nazi Collaboration in Ukraine

Date of Graduation

Fall 2003


Master of Arts in History



Committee Chair

Meridith Adams


This work is the result of the author's interest in the role of Ukrainian nationalists in the Second World War, an interest sparked by his first visit to Ukraine in 1996. Research began with a records-oriented search for references to Ukrainian nationalists in the Minutes of the International Military Tribunal held in the Meyer Library at Southwest Missouri State University. From this investigation the author decided to explore the motivation of the Soviet prosecution with respect to Ukrainian nationalist partisans. For information concerning Ukrainian nationalism, the author found many helpful resources, both primary and secondary, in the Watson Library at the University of Kansas, as well as in the Meyer Library. In this thesis, the author contends that the Nuremberg Tribunal was a show trial. The Soviet Government used the trial for purposes of propaganda against their Ukranian opponents. Ukrainian nationalists, specifically the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), were not fascists. On the contrary, they were fighting for their independence from the Soviet Union.

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