Thesis Title

A Descriptive Study Investigating the Role of Classroom Placement in the Education of Twins

Date of Graduation

Spring 2002


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Sarah Nixon

Subject Categories

Other Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers' and parents' perceptions regarding the impact of same versus separate classroom placement for twins. The study was guided by five research questions. Two different surveys were constructed by the researcher in order to gather information from parents and teachers of twins. Two hundred surveys were mailed in January, 2002. One hundred twenty-two surveys were returned. Conclusions drawn from the study included the following: (a) parents and teachers agreed multiples can present unique educational needs due to their birth status, and classroom placement can play a significant role in the education of multiples; (b) most parents believed placement should be flexible depending upon the multiples, while teachers were split between flexible and separate placement as a general rule; (c) in schools where placement policies existed, most of the policies required separation, although flexible policies were also common; (d) many teachers indicated they were not well informed about the development and education of multiples; (e) parents generally believed both same and separate placements worked well and fostered their multiples' individuality, self-confidence, independence, socialization, good behavior, and academic performance; (f) teachers had few strong opinions regarding the effects of same or separate placement, but they did indicate same placement promoted comparisons while separate placement reduced competition, promoted individuality, improved self-confidence, and encouraged expressive language skills.


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