Thesis Title

The Influence of Same-Sex Teacher Role Models on Perceived Ability in Science in Grades 11 and 12


Laura Schmutz

Date of Graduation

Summer 2002


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education in Chemistry



Committee Chair

Vernon Thielmann

Subject Categories

Science and Mathematics Education


This project examines the role that gender of teachers plays in influencing students to feel competent in science. Specifically, it looked at the potential connection between the gender of the teacher and the gender of the student related to perceived science ability. The data was collected by a survey using 200 high school juniors and seniors. Students were asked questions to determine the number of male and female teachers they have had in middle and high school science courses. In addition, the students were asked to rate their ability in science as well as their interest in science. The data showed a direct correlation, significant at the p < .01 level between perceived ability in science and interest in science for both male and female students. It did not show a correlation between the gender of the science teacher and the perceived ability in science or science interest among male or female students.


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