Knowledge of and attitudes toward climate change and its effects on health among nursing students: A multi-Arab country study


Background: Climate change and its impact on health continues to receive inadequate attention in the nursing literature, especially in the Arab region. This study explored the knowledge of and attitudes toward climate change and its effect on health among nursing students from four Arab countries. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted among a convenience sample of 1,059 baccalaureate nursing students from four Arab countries using the New Ecological Paradigm scale and an adapted questionnaire. Results: The findings indicate an average range of attitude toward the environment, with country of residence, type of community, academic-year level, and climate change related variables as significant factors influencing students’ attitudes. A moderate level of knowledge about the potential health related impacts of climate change was revealed. Students from Saudi Arabia and Palestinian Territory reported a significantly higher level of knowledge than Egyptian and Iraqi students. Most of the respondents reported that all identified health related effects of climate change have already increased, while more than two-thirds reported that each of the health-related impacts would increase within the next 20 years. Conclusion: The findings underscore the need for more coverage of topics related to climate change and its health-related impacts in nursing education curricula in Arab countries.

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Arab region, attitudes, climate change, environmental health, knowledge, nursing education, nursing students

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Nursing Forum