Phonology Is Necessary, but Not Sufficient: A Rejoinder

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Paul, wang, trezek, and luckner offer a rebuttal to an article by Allen, Clark, del Giudice, Koo, Lieberman, Mayberry, and Miller published in the same issue of the American Annals of the Deaf (Fall 2009) that is critical of an article by Wang, Trezek, Luckner, and Paul that was published in the Fall 2008 Annals. Major themes from the article by Wang and colleagues are reiterated, and the research and theoretical support for the qualitative-similarity hypothesis is emphasized. In addition, specific assertions made in the four sections of the article by Allen and colleagues, which are mostly overgeneralizations and misunderstandings, are addressed. Finally, concluding remarks regarding the importance of phonology are provided.

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Paul, Peter V., Ye Wang, Beverly J. Trezek, and John L. Luckner. "Phonology is necessary, but not sufficient: A rejoinder." American Annals of the Deaf 154, no. 4 (2009): 346-356.

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