Students' Self-Perceptions of Knowledge and Skills Pre and Post Externship

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Student self-rating and self-reflection are often used as part of a formative assessment in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) graduate programs. This article focuses on the use of a rating scale assessing speech-language pathology graduate students' self-perception of their readiness for school and medical externships utilizing a survey format. Students completed a pre and post survey during their culminating externship experiences reflecting their perceived level of required assistance and independence with disorder groups and processes. The results of this project will be discussed with the information benefiting graduate programs in planning curriculum, assessing externship experiences, and providing a tool for student focus on perceived areas of need during the externship and at the initiation of the Clinical Fellowship (CF).

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Oswalt, Jill. Students' Self-Perceptions of Knowledge and Skills Pre and Post Externship." SIG 11 Perspectives on Administration and Supervision 23, no. 3 (2013): 110-120."

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Communication Sciences and Disorders