New state records for Lutzomyia shannoni and Lutzomyia vexator


Two species of phlebotomine sand flies, Lutzomyia shannoni (Dyar) and Lutzomyia vexator (Coquillett), are reported for the first time from Kentucky and Ohio. L. vexator also is reported for the first time from Tennessee. These insects were found in a northeasterly band extending from southwestern Kentucky to southwestern Ohio. Both species were consistently captured from mid-July through September in 2006 and 2007 by using CO 2-baited Center for Disease Control light traps. Weekly sampling revealed that these flies are more abundant in the southern part of this band than in the northern part, but increasing densities throughout this new range indicate that the flies are currently expanding their range. Although both species have been reported further north along the Atlantic coast, and L. vexator along the Pacific coast, neither of them had been reported this far north along the Mississippi Valley. Previous reports established L. shannoni as far north as west central Tennessee and L. vexator in a similar spatial pattern in the eastern part of its range, extending as far north as northern Alabama. Whether the new records reported herein represent a northerly expansion of the geographic range of these species or are reflective of sampling changes is inconclusive. However, the former scenario could presage an increased prevalence of the diseases associated with this group of insects.


Public Health and Sports Medicine

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Leishmaniasis, Phlebotomine, Vesicular stomatitis virus

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Journal of Medical Entomology