From Oxytocin to Health: exploring the relationship between OXTR rs53576, emotional stability, social support, and health


Individuals are often biologically predisposed for certain personality traits. In addition, those traits may enhance or diminish health and overall life satisfaction. One recent area of biological study has been the OXTR rs53576, which is a polymorphic site in the oxytocin receptor gene. OXTR rs53576 is reportedly related to sociality and social orientation. Specifically, homozygous G allele carriers often display more empathy and less stress reactivity, higher trust behaviors, more sensitive parenting or reactivity to infants' cries and higher optimism and self-esteem. The current study investigates the association between OXTR rs53576 (GG genotype) and the personality trait of emotional stability. Genes may affect psychological tendencies, as well as phenotypical expressions and life outcomes related to these traits. The results of the current study suggest that the oxytocin polymorphism receptor rs53576 may be related to the personality trait emotional stability. Individuals with the G homozygous allele had higher scores in emotional stability. In addition, emotional stability was related to greater overall social support and general health. Taken together, it appears that individuals with OXTR rs53576 G homozygous alleles may have more emotional stability, increased social support and better health.



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OXTR rs53576, emotional stability, social support, health

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Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology