A New Approach at Missouri State - Part II: Blended Learning


This article reviews the second phase of a process that evolved since "A New Approach for Course Delivery at Missouri State University" was published in the November 2005 issue of JIID. That article described how the Educational Technology Center at Missouri State University became involved in delivering a general education capstone course, "Ocean Resources," using a CD-ROM and Internet format. The hope eventually was to apply this pedagogical approach in an on-campus class using a blended learning format where course material is presented via electronic delivery and class time is used for discussion-oriented exercises reinforcing and applying this material. The current article describes this second phase, where the technology approach developed in the "Ocean Resources" distance education course is applied to delivery in an upper-division on-campus criminology course, "Crime, Class, Race and Justice." We also discuss the pedagogical philosophy for this project along with development, production, and implementation processes involved with the approach. Evaluation data is presented demonstrating students in the CD-based section of the criminology course did not perform significantly better than students in an earlier version of the course using a more traditional lecture-based teaching method; however, we provide several justifications for continuing to pursue technologically based instructional methods in higher education on-campus courses.


Sociology and Anthropology

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Journal of Interactive Instruction Development