We discovered two bright DO-type white dwarfs, GALEXJ053628.3+544854 (J0536+5448) and GALEXJ231128.0+292935(J2311+2929), which rank among the eight brightest DO-type white dwarfs known. Our non-LTE model atmosphere analysis reveals effective temperatures and surface gravities of Teff =80000 ± 4600K and log g=8.25 ± 0.15 for J0536+5448 and Teff =69400 ± 900K and log g=7.80 ± 0.06 for J2311+2929. The latter shows a significant amount of carbon in its atmosphere (C = 0.003 -0.002+0.005, by mass), while for J0536+5448 we could derive only an upper limit of C < 0.003. Furthermore, we calculated spectroscopic distances for the two stars and found a good agreement with the distances derived from the Gaia parallaxes.

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Stars: abundances, Stars: atmospheres, White dwarfs

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