Lingulate brachiopods from the upper Cambrian (Sunwaptan) Hellnmaria Member of the Notch Peak Formation, western Utah, USA


Bulk samples collected from the Hellnmaria Member of the Notch Peak Formation of western Utah, USA have yielded a lingulate brachiopod fauna with many new taxa. Two new lingulid genera are named, Stittia and Tuleobolus. Seven new species are described, the lingulid species Stittia ornata, Tuleobolus cretatus and Discotreta? arcana, and the acrotretid species Quadrisonia congerensis, Q. rattlesnakensis, Q. sawtoothensis and Q. swaseyensis. The genus Quadrisonia Rowell & Henderson, 1978 is emended. The species Obolus (Westonia) notchensis Walcott, 1908 is assigned to the new genus Stittia. Zhanatella rotunda Koneva, 1986 is documented from the lower beds of the Hellnmaria Member, establishing it as coeval with strata in Kazakhstan and southern France, from where this species was described previously. These collections extend downward the range of Quadrisonia lavadamensis Popov et al., 2002, Zhanatella utahensis Popov et al., 2002 and Wahwahlingula sp., which were described previously from Utah.


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Lingulate brachiopod, Notch peak formation, Upper cambrian, USA, Utah

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Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists