Mt. suhora survey - Searching for pulsating M dwarfs. II


We present our report on the second part of our ongoing project which aims at finding stellar pulsations in early type M dwarfs. Our search is based on time-series photometric data acquired mainly at Mt. Suhora Observatory, though, several stars have been observed from other sites. Data of 49 M dwarfs are included in this paper. We analyzed the data by means of the Fourier technique as well as Phase Dispersion Minimization method. We still cannot confirm any pulsating M dwarf at the model-predicted period of 23-40 min. In addition to our main goal we searched for flare activities, planetary transits and other types of brightness changes. We did find several new variable stars, including pulsating stars, binary systems and flare stars, however, only flaring M dwarfs are presented in this paper.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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Asteroseismology, Stars: Low-mass -, Stars: Oscillations -

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Acta Astronomica