Gel growth of K2PbCu(NO2)6-elpasolite single crystals


Single crystals of K2PbCu(NO2)6 have been grown from aqueous solution; however, convection effects often introduce defects in the crystals and contribute to a high nucleation rate. Here, we show that K2PbCu(NO2)6 single crystals can be grown in silica gels where convection is largely eliminated, resulting in diffusion controlled crystal growth. The diffusion coefficients of the Cu2+- and Pb2+- acetates in potassium silica gel were determined using a classical onedimensional (1D) diffusion model. The influence of the reactant concentrations on the nucleation location and growth was investigated. The growth rate was analyzed using Frank's model for diffusion-controlled growth rates for a radially symmetric crystal. The magnetic susceptibility of K2PbCu(NO2)6 shows evidence of 1D antiferromagnetic behavior based on a Bonner- Fisher fit.

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Crystal Growth and Design