Structural interpretation of the Igherm region (Western Anti Atlas, Morocco) from an aeromagnetic analysis: Implications for copper exploration


Aeromagnetic data were analyzed, constrained by geological and ore deposit mapping to investigate possible regions within the Igherm inlier region of the Anti-Atlas in western Morocco that are favorable for more detailed copper exploration. The aeromagnetic data were investigated by creating reduction to the pole (RTP), upward continuation and tilt-angle anomaly maps. Additionally, depths to magnetic susceptibility sources were estimated using three-dimensional Euler deconvolution and tilt-angle depth methods. The RTP map indicated several anomalous regions where magnetic maxima can be related to Paleoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic metamorphic and volcanic rocks located between the uplifted regions in the northern portion of the Igherm inlier region. The western portion of the study area is characterized by short wavelength, NE-trending magnetic maxima that are related to Pan-African orogeny volcanic units. Derivative maps indicate that the majority of the lineaments are NE-trending probably related to post Pan-African rifting. However, there are several NW- and E-trending lineaments related to the Variscan orogeny. The depths of the sources of these lineaments range between 100 m and 5200 m, with the deeper depths mainly trending toward the northeast. Using the derivative analysis, RTP, magnetically determined depth estimates and the nature of known copper deposits in the region (e.g., Tizert deposit), several regions were determined to be favorable for more detailed mineral exploration. These regions are located along the edges of Proterozoic uplifts where paleobasins containing Basal Series sediments have been affected by mainly NE-trending faults that act as conduits for deeper magmatically formed ore-rich fluids.


Geography, Geology, and Planning

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Aeromagnetics, Copper mineralization, Igherm, Lineaments, Morocco, Western Anti-Atlas

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Journal of African Earth Sciences