Electronically-Controlled Drug Release System to Promote Wound Healing


A controlled drug release system based on biocompatible and electroactive polymers (EAP) was built to promote wound healing. Negatively-charged as well as positively-charged drugs were loaded into EAP systems through electro-polymerization in the presence of prepolymer and supporting electrolytes. Release was precisely controlled by applying an electrical stimulus. For example, a negative potential applied to change the EAP from its oxidized state to its reduced state resulted in the release of the pre-loaded negatively-charged drugs from the polymer films into the surrounding solution. Additional work included miniaturization of me controlled release system into a two-electrode system with coin cell power source. Step-wise release of two negatively charged compounds (salicylate, a model compound, and Ibuprofen sodium salt, an anti-inflammatory agent) and one positively charged anti-bacterial drug (lincomycin) has been demonstrated. The evidence supports the use of EAPs in a localized therapeutic delivery device for the enhancement of wound healing.



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Conference Proceeding


Controlled drug release system, Electroactive polymer, Ibuprofen, Lincomycin, Wound healing

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Technical Proceedings of the 2012 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2012