The phenomenon of resistive switching (RS) has been demonstrated in several non-magnetic and some magnetic oxide systems, however the "œmagnetic" aspect of magnetic oxides has not been emphasized especially in terms of low field tunability. In our work, we examined the CoFe2O4/La0.66Sr0.34MnO3 all-magnetic oxide interface system for RS and discovered a very sharp (bipolar) transition at room temperature that can be gated with high sensitivity by low magnetic fields (~0"“100"‰mT). By using a number of characterizations, we show that this is an interface effect, which may open up interesting directions for manipulation of the RS phenomenon.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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Thakare, Vishal, Guozhong Xing, Haiyang Peng, Abhimanyu Rana, Onkar Game, P. Anil Kumar, Arun Banpurkar et al. "High sensitivity low field magnetically gated resistive switching in CoFe2O4/La0. 66Sr0. 34MnO3 heterostructure." Applied Physics Letters 100, no. 17 (2012): 172412.

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Applied Physics Letters