White bass population demographics in a northwestern South Dakota reservoir


The white bass (Morone chrysops) is an important sport fish species in the upper Midwest. As such, understanding white bass dynamics is critical for managing its populations. Thus, we evaluated population dynamics of white bass in a northwestern South Dakota reservoir and attempted to determine whether bass recruitment patterns were more related to reservoir inflows or spring weather patterns. We found that white bass growth increased from 243mm for age-2 fish, to 322mm for age-6 fish, and then to 346mm at age 9. The total annual mortality rate was 29.7%. In terms of year-class strength, white bass recruitment was erratic. The recruitment pattern was more related to spring weather patterns than reservoir inflow. In comparison, white bass population dynamics in this South Dakota irrigation reservoir were more similar to those of white bass populations in Midwestern glacial lakes than those found in southern US reservoirs.

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Akaike's information criterion, Population demographics, Recruitment, White bass

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Journal of Freshwater Ecology