Deformation behavior of a quaternary Mo-Nb-Si-B alloy


The microstructure and compression response of a quaternary Mo-Nb-Si-B alloy has been examined in in the temperature interval 1200°C-1600°C and in the strain rate regime 10-4 s-1 to 10-6 s-1 and compared to earlier results on the ternary Mo-Si-B alloys The microstructure is composed of a three-phase microlamellar eutectic composed of the Mo-Nb solid solution phase, the T1 and the T2 intermetallic phases. Compression test confirm significantly superior creep resistance for the eutectic alloy compared to the ternary Mo-rich Mo-Si-B alloys with virtually no microstructural degradation.

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Conference Proceeding


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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings