IPBGA: A hybrid P2P based grid architecture by using information pool protocol


Current representatives of Grid systems are Globus and Web Services, however, they have poor scalability and single point failure. It is a hot research topic to build a P2P and grid hybrid framework for resource management and task schedule. We propose Information Pool Based Grid Architecture (IPBGA), which is a real sense hybrid of P2P and grid instead of only introducing P2P methods into grid systems for resource management. The key of IPBGA, information pool protocol, is presented. In our information pool protocol, all of resources and tasks are abstracted into information, and resource requests for tasks and task appeals for resources are viewed as information services, then grid resource management and task schedule are treated as information matching. Therefore, our architecture is very adaptive to heterogeneous, dynamic, and distributed grid systems. We use tri-information centers for collecting information, which strengthens the robustness of our system. Simulation experiments show information pool protocol of IPBGA is more efficient in resource management and task schedule, and has less bandwidth and processing cost compared with other hybrid P2P systems.


Computer Science

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Hybrid P2P based grid architecture, Information aggregation, Information matching, Information pool protocol

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)