More on an algorithm for finding parameter-dependent connected components of gray-scale images


In a previous work we have introduced the concept of a parameter-dependent connected component of grayscale images that takes into account both the gray values of the pixels and the differences of the gray values of the neighboring pixels. This concept is a convenient tool to analyze or understand images at a higher level than the pixel level. In this paper, we describe an algorithm for finding the parameter-dependent components for a given image. We discuss different strategies used in the algorithm and analyze their effects through the experimental results. Since the proposed algorithm is independent of the formation of the images, it can be used for the analysis of many types of images. The experimental results show that for some appropriate values of the parameters, the objects of an image may be represented by its parameter-dependent components reasonably well. Thus, the proposed algorithm provides us with the posibility of analyzing images further at the component level.


Computer Science

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Conference Proceeding



Algorithm, Connected components, Gray-scale images, Image analysis

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering