Learning through simulations: The ship simulator for learning the rules of the road


The user study presented in this paper has investigated the potential benefits of incorporating simulation into the learning process. Simulation-based learning has been employed in the field of science and technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning. How effective is simulation in the enhancement of learning, especially compared with traditional learning techniques, is an important research question that can lead to significant benefits. The work presented in this paper has examined the differences between two instructional techniques: using simulation, and respectively, studying online material. For this purpose, we used a simulation that helps students learn about the rules of ship navigation, with the hypothesis that simulation is better than online study for learning difficult concepts. The study used simulation and online material in a self-study environment, with the research aimed at identifying the best of the two learning methods. The results show that the participants who used simulation during their self-study increased their knowledge from pre-test to post-test. These results also suggest that, compared with traditional learning techniques, integrating simulation into education would be a better approach to enhance learning.

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing