Small shelly fossils from Antarctica: an early Cambrian faunal connection with Australia


Kennardiids, members of a family of organisms that bore phosphatic sclerites, are present in Antarctica; previously, they had been found only in Australia. This new occurrence reinforces the concept of a faunal province shared between the continents during Early Cambrian time. Although the two known genera of kennardiids, Dailyatia Bischoff and Kennardia Laurie occur in Antarctica and Australia, no species are common to both continents, Dailyatia is interpreted as having had tightly fitting sclerites that armored a bilaterally symmetrical, bipolar body; two alternative reconstructions are presented. Taxa include two new species, Dailyatia braddocki and Dailyatia odyssei, and two unnamed species of Kennardia.

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Journal of Paleontology