Magnetotransport properties of compression molded CrO2-Polyimide composite


The conduclivity and magnetotransport properties of compression molded halfmetallic CrO /Polyimide composites over a range of different metallic concentrations have been studied. The conductivity measurements on these composites show negative slope of resistance versus temperature. The magnetoresistance measurement indicates obvious enhancement at low temperatures. The maximum in magnetoresistance (MR) is found to be temperature and metal volume fraction dependent. Significant differences in high and low temperature magnetoresistive behavior in the composite have been observed. The high field, 15 T MR measurements show 23% and 19% MR enhancement at 5K and 75 K, respectively. Thus, it is found that the polymer barrier can contribute to enhancing magnetoresistive properties of the composite.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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Conference Proceeding


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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings