The platinum-carbon stretching frequency for chemisorbed carbon monoxide


The infrared spectra of CO chemisorbed on Pt produces bands at 2045, 1815, and 480 cm-1. There has been considerable controversy in the literature about the observation of a band near 480 cm-1. The definiteness of our results is supported by our being able to obtain background spectra before adsorption of CO and the measurement of an isotope shift for the 480-cm-1 band which confirms that it is due to the Pt-C stretching motion. In addition, the isotope shifts support a linear Pt-C-O model with the carbon atom attached to the Pt. From changes in the appearance of the evaporated films concurrent with changes in the intensity of the 1815-cm-1 band it is suggested that this band is due to CO on highly dispersed Pt. Addition of oxygen produces a band at 560 cm-1 which is assigned as a surface oxide.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry