Adhesive failure of gold films on tantalum pentoxide produced by MeV ion irradiation


Here we report work on the MeV irradiation adhesion modification of gold films on deposited tantalum pentoxide. For this system irradiation produces bubbling of the film at comparatively low doses, which in some cases leads directly to failure of the gold film. This is in contrast to the results of irradiation of gold on native or thermally grown tantalum oxide samples where enhanced adhesion is observed. Irradiation by 5 × 1013 ions/cm2 of 20 MeV 35Cl and 1 × 1013ions/cm2 of 40 MeV 81Br were observed to release 100 and 5000 H atoms per ion, respectively. The nature of the bonding of the hydrogen and the details of the ion-induced release are unknown, although electronic stopping is thought to be the driving force rather than bulk heating effects.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B