Multicomponent analysis of alcohol vapors using integrated gas chromatography with sensor arrays


We have fabricated and tested a multiarray polymer sensor by integrating the sensor array with a gas chromatograph. We compared the performance of the system with a contemporary thermoconductivity detector for the identification and detection of different volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These sensor arrays were not only able to detect the different compounds but also demonstrated a very wide linear response to the amounts of VOC exposure. The performance of the gas chromatograph-polymer sensor array detector (GC–PSAD) was very good and comparable to the gas chromatograph thermal conductivity detector (GC–TCD) system in terms of linearity and reproducibility. The repeatability of peak heights and areas was consistent over several months. The PSAD chip is easily fabricated and that process including the polymer deposition is described in detail. Our experimental results suggest that the GC–PSAD system is effective in the analysis of mixtures and this is a distinct advantage over the contemporary electronic nose sensor array systems.

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GC–PSAD, sensor array systems, multicomponent analysis

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Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical